Whether its balconies or patios, open areas in the garden or around the pool at Brands International Ltd you can set absolute premium quality at your feet outdoors too.

Our suppliers have years of experience in sorting timber qualities guarantees that only suitable parts of a tree trunk find their way to being further processed. Drying the wood carefully and gently in computer controller drying chambers also plays a very crucial role towards lasting quality.

At Brands International Ltd you will find various formats of decking be it decking tiles of cm30x30-cm75x75 and strips of 200cm-400cm in length with thickness varying from 1.9- 2.5cm and widths from 9cm-14cm both with plain or grooved surfaces.

Accessories for outdoor use:

Optimum substructure - available in either premium hardwood or treated scotch pine guaranteed for 10 yrs against deterioration as well adjustable highly resistant pedestals ideal for levelling uneven surfaces.

Special stainless steel screws & clips - Ideal for fastening the planks to the substructure with the head of the stainless steel screw sitting on top of the plank so that the wood is not damaged and standing water is prevented. We also use stainless steel clips which are fixed into the lateral groove of our decking boards so as to have a neater finish with no visible screws on the decking surfaces.


Angelim 50x50 Tiles Composite Decking Cumaru Grooved Cumaru Plain IPE Tiles 30X30X3H Oiled Teak Decking Teak Decking Angelim 50x50 Tiles 2 Adjustable Jacks Supports bambu_ambi garapa decking ipe tiles ipe decking decking teak with visible screws decking_cladding decking_fence_structure
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