Revolutionary decking solution at Brands International- Friday, June 03, 2016

An absolute, revolutionary new decking solution is available locally at Brands International Ltd, making this new generation of composite wood the best decking option in the world, conceived to offer unmatched performance and beauty. Apart from offering all the warmth and charm of real wood, there is no need for maintenance since it offers absolute protection against stains, mould, decomposition, cracks, splits and fading. It is 100% waterproof, 100% recyclable and maintenance free.

This revolutionary solution is a capped wood plastic composite, having an advanced premium shield encasing all four sides around its inner core. The shield and core are extruded together under a very high temperature mold simultaneously, so there are no adhesives or chemicals that are harmful to the environment. The core is made from highly dense recycled hardwood and softwood fibers that allow for greater strength and durability. The shield uses an advanced engineering polymer to create a formulation which gives the boards:

- ultra protection against wine, coffee, soy sauce and oil stains which are never absorbed by the shield,
- is 100% waterproof which prevents the formation of mould or cracks,
- protection against fading - guarantees unrivalled chromatic stability over the years with no visible changes to the human eye
- the unique multichromatic tones and realistic finishes of the boards are an integral part of the shield which won’t need painting, sanding or varnishing once over the years.
- Comes in brown and grey and 3 finishes – smooth, veined and antislip
- Up to 25 years warranty

For a personalized consultation on this revolutionary new product, please feel free to visit us at the Brands International showroom, San Gwann.

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