A leading European parquet manufacturer, LAMETT’s mission is to produce beautiful and elegant floors whilst providing their clients with quality and service with the utmost of care.

Lamett parquet floors are oak floors, with a solid wooden top layer, available in various surface textures and finishes. This multi-layer parquet is composed of 3 or more layers of wood, affixed to one another at right angles. Only the top layer is made of hard wood, therefore this type of parquet overcomes the problem of shifting wood, which inevitably occurs with solid parquet composed entirely of hard wood, due to changes in temperature and humidity. As a result, LAMETT multi-payer parquet is more stable, more environmentally friendly, and can also be used with underfloor heating. It becomes the perfect solution for those who love the look and feel of hard wood, but are discouraged by the disadvantages of solid wood.

Various textures and finishes are available, including light, medium and dark colours. Some have pronounced knots and cracks which were deliberately chosen and left partially open, as well as scraped and brushed surfaces to create a rustic look that is perfect for older buildings and houses of character. Modern planks are lighter in colour, feature more sporadic knots and smoother surfaces.

The range of LAMETT wooden floors is available exclusively from Brands International.



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