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Par-ky is a veneer flooring that combines the warmth and the unique design of real wood with the advantages of laminate. Par-ky is as easy to install and to maintain as a laminate floor. Unlike laminate flooring which have an imitation print, the top layer of Par-ky veneer flooring consists of real wood. No two trees are identical and that is exactly why each Par-ky floorboard is unique. What you see and feel is natural wood, which gives your home, shop or office a warm and exclusive look. 


Uniclic logo

Click and go

Thanks to the click jointing system (Uniclic), one can very quickly install floor without any glue. The handy installing instructions can be found on each pack.

Diamond Laquer System

8 layers of lacquer

The boards are finished with 8 layers of ultrastrong lacquer in 3 versions:

  • Sealed satin: gloss of 20%, sealed and natural lacquered. This board is extremely strong!
  • Sealed matt: gloss of 10%, sealed and mat lacquered. This board is extremely strong!
  • Brushed matt: gloss of 10%, brushed and mat lacquered. This emphasizes the structure of the wood and increases the natural and luxurious aura.

12 to 15 years of warranty

PAR-KY veneer flooring is a product of the Decospan group, European market leader in veneer processing. Our many years of experience and our focus on innovation contribute to the quality and the reliability of our products.

Because we are convinced about the quality of our veneer flooring, we grant a warranty from 12 to 15 years.


No need to (re)sand

Contrary to solid wooden flooring, you never need to sand a PAR-KY veneer floor - saving you plenty of dusty work, effort and money. The strong layers of lacquer render resanding completely unnecessary.


Strong impact resistance

The layer of veneer is glued onto an ultra-strong high density fiberboard (HDF). Combined with the 8 layers of lacquer, this results in a much higher resistance to dents than solid or lamel parquet.


Easy to maintain

The ‘Aqua Sealing Complete' system ensures the bevels (V-grooves) to be coloured in the same colour as the horizontal surface of the board. The bevels are also lacquered after being coloured. That way, your floor is completely humidity proof and easy to maintain.


Easy to repair

PAR-KY developed for each wood specie a seal spray to repair small scratches. Once applied it also avoids the penetration of dirt. Scratches in a stained floor can be made less visible by putting first a stained product into the scratches.

In case of serious damage, it is possible to replace a board even in the middle of the floor.


What is BRUSHED?

'Brushed' is a brushed finish that has been coated ‘open grained'. This enhances the wood structure even further, for that particular look and feel of a solid, oiled

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